Top 5 Best Kistesurfing Destinations

by admin on May 19, 2010

What are the best kitesurfing destinations? If you are looking for good places to go kitesurfing, whether you’re a beginner or expert, you came to the right place. I’m about to reveal some of the top kitesurfing places to practice and learn on earth. Here are the Best 5 destinations:

1. Boracay – According to Yahoo! Travel , Boracay is on the 2007 Top 10 World’s Best Beach Destinations. Located in the region of the Philippines, it’s a unique place to practice kitesurfing. Ideal conditions for beginners with moderate winds that blows from late morning to late afternoon. No doubt it’s a good kitesurfing destination.

2. Tarifa- Located in the southern tip of Spain, kitesurfing in Tarifa is becoming so popular that on the summer the beach is so crowd that sometimes you can see the sky above the beach coloured by kites. But there is always space for everybody at the beach. With more than 15 kitesurfing schools in Tarifa, beginners can enjoy the full potential of the place.

3. Cumbuco – Located in the state of CearĂ¡, Brazil , Cumbuco is the best kitesurfing destination on South America, with thousands of kilometers of empty beaches and 6 months of good winds, very affordable place with good holiday accommodations , certainly a kitesurfing paradise.

4. Cabarete- In the heart of Dominican Republic kitesurfing scene, Cabaret is the perfect blend of a natural environment that creates the perfect wind and wave conditions for kitesurfing. With excellent places to accommodate visitors from all over the world, Cabarete definitely can be one of the best kitesurfing destination.

5. Tenerife- Also located in Spain, the island of Tenerife is a paradise for kitesurfing, windsurfing and surf. With great conditions to practice extreme water sports, big waves and strong winds, the island held some important international competition making it even more important to visit.

After revealing the top 5 best kitesurfing destinations, I hope you can pick a good one and enjoy kitesurfing!


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